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Family room with an open concept floor plan that includes two windows and a stone fireplace.

The Interior Design of Your Home

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Interior Design and Flooring 

So far, we’ve discussed several aspects of J Perry Homes design. We’ve touched on the kitchen, bathroom, and exterior design, and we’re not done yet. Next on the list of crucial design elements is general interior and flooring!

The items we will be discussing in this post are paint, fireplace, trim, interior doors, and flooring, including hardwood, carpet, and tiling. Let’s start with the basics. 


Interior Design: Paint

Painting is a fundamental and essential part of designing a house. The colors of the walls give the home a personalized and welcoming feel. Children enjoy choosing fun and happy colors for their bedrooms, while adults pick colors that make them feel inspired, chic, or calm.

In a standard room, you get to choose two wall colors, one ceiling color, and one trim color in semi-gloss. These are included in your contract. Of course, you can always upgrade to extra colors for an additional fee.


Interior Design: Fireplace

Your contract includes a 36-inch vent-free firebox with a palmetto oak log set and stained cedar mantel. It is set into the wall by two feet, with the surround placed on the facade side. The left and right sides are sealed with drywall. 

Upgrades include stone or shiplap surround up to the mantel or up to the ceiling. You can also add an eight-inch raised hearth to match your surround material. We can even add six stained or painted shelves to your fireplace, three per side.


Interior Design: Decorative Trim

The standard trim package offers a colonial three and one-quarter-inch base with a two and one-quarter-inch casing. Upgrades include a Craftsman design with a one-by-six-inch base with a one-by-four-inch casing and exposed beams and everyday entry. Our experts can walk you through the differences and looks during your design session!


Interior Design: Doors

Our door package includes a standard design with hardware as well as an upgraded hardware option. 

The standard door package gives you a choice between three door styles: Logan, Winslow, and Conmore. These options come with our standard hardware, which is a “Fairfield” knob. For the knob, you can choose between nickel, orb, or black with matching stops and hinges. 

The upgraded hardware is a “Silona” lever in place of the knob. This also comes in nickel, orb, or black with the stop and hinges to match. Your pantry door can either match your interior door selection for a sleek look, or can be replaced with an old-fashioned glass pantry door for an added fee. 


Interior Design: Flooring

The J Perry Homes flooring options include LVP/hardwood, carpet, and tile. We have several “levels” of hardwood, each incurring an added cost beyond the standard option. The difference comes down to preference and price. Hardwood flooring can go in any room, including the foyer, entry closet, family room, and kitchen. Hardwood can also be used in any bedroom for an added cost. 

For carpeting, we offer the standard six-pound pad; we also offer eight and 10-pound pads as upgrades. Carpeting is an option for all bedrooms and bedroom closets, as well as the dining room if you so choose. 

Finally, we offer tiling. Tiling is also provided on a level basis, with level one being our standard. Tiling is available in the master bath, half bath, and laundry room. The standard option can be used for each room, as can the upgraded tier.

There you have it! J Perry Homes offers several options for you to choose from to create the house of your dreams. We take great pride in our work and the flexibility to let you select your options while continuing to provide an easy construction process. Contact us today to begin your home-building journey!


Family room with an open concept floor plan that includes two windows and a stone fireplace.

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The Glenwood Exterior Design Rendering

Building Your Home: Exterior Design

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When you think about building your dream home, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the kitchen or the master bedroom? Maybe your first idea is for the bathroom. The home’s interior is undoubtedly the main event when designing a new house, but it isn’t the only aspect that matters when it comes to design. At J Perry Homes, we want you to come home to a house that looks just as inviting on the outside as it looks homey and comfortable on the inside.

Part of our home building process is exterior design. Everything counts, and we make sure you get as much time as you need to perfect each area of your new house. So, what does exterior design entail?


The first step in exterior design is the foundation of the house. The foundation includes elevation, slab, and crawlspace. You can choose between elevation A and B. Elevation A includes three standard white corbels in the main gable and two tapered front porch columns with masonry bases. Elevation B gives you two standard white pediments along with two straight cedar front porch posts.

The foundation has a standard slab. You can also add a black foundation with a crawlspace, depending on the slope of the land.


The second exterior design concept is masonry. Our clients can choose between brick and stone. Brick is available in various mortar colors; our standard colors are Lane’s End and Pin Oak. You also have the option to upgrade to Ashview, Aston, Mosstown, or Augusta. If you choose stone, it is also available in various colors. Contact us for more information.

Vinyl Siding

Siding choices depend on whether you choose elevation A or B for your foundation. For Elevation A, choose one color for shake and one color for horizontal siding. Elevation B offers one color for shake as well as another color for board and batten siding. Both of these are included in the price of standard exterior design.

Exterior Framing

Exterior design also consists of framing: your garage and back deck. Our standard garage is an Amarr Oak Summit 2000 Series garage door, with the choice of glass windows and decorative hardware if you’d like. This garage design also comes with two garage doors. You can also upgrade to an expanded garage. This extends the space by two feet.

Your exterior design wouldn’t be complete without a deck! The J Perry standard back deck is eleven feet and four inches by fourteen feet. There is also the option to upgrade to a covered back deck. This includes two eight by eight cedar wood posts, a vaulted ceiling with the “truss style” decorative feature, and a fan/light fixture with a switch.

We also offer the optional dining room addition off the kitchen. This enhancement is a twelve by fourteen-foot room that includes two, three by six windows.

Exterior Doors and Windows

The final step in exterior design is choosing doors and windows. Our standard front door is a six-foot, eight-inch Craftsman with Dentil Shelf or Craftsman Six Life. There are various upgrade options—all eight feet. Our standard handle and lock set is either Colton or Chatham in nickel, bronze, or black. The antique bronze upgrade is available for an added fee.

The windows come standard—Jeld-Wen (V-2500) single-hung with “Colonial” grille pattern—but you can choose between white or desert sand/beige. There is no added fee for either color.

Exterior design is a fun way to make your house stand out and build a home that invites you in from the outside. Creating a welcoming exterior leads to further enjoyment of the interior, which is why we take exterior design just as seriously as we do interior design. Build a house that makes you excited to come home with J Perry Homes.

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Kitchen design with dark cabinets, white pantry door, and large kitchen island by J Perry Homes.

Design: Your Perfect Kitchen

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Designing your perfect kitchen can be a truly remarkable experience. You get to choose what goes into it, from sink design to countertops and ceilings. Though making so many decisions may sound like a daunting task, J Perry Homes makes it a simple process. We give you the options you need to choose from, and our experts help you craft an aesthetic that fits your family.

When designing a kitchen, there are several aspects to consider. These include cabinet colors, granite, appliances, wall paint, and flooring. Let’s dive into the J Perry Homes kitchen design process.

Meeting with the Design Team

Each new home design comes with a 6-hour complimentary meeting with our designers (though you may purchase more time if you need it!). Typically, the sessions are split into two 3-hour meetings: one for the home’s exterior and one for the interior. Designing the home’s exterior is less complex and therefore tends to take less time, so some clients even do 2 hours for the exterior and then 4 hours for the interior. We are happy to accommodate whatever process works best for you. Now, onto the good stuff (your design options)!

Cabinets and Islands

Our standard kitchen design comes with a 36-inch Luxor cabinet, though you can choose to upgrade to one of our more deluxe cabinets. We offer multiple options for 36- and 42-inch tall cabinets—”Elegant” and “Fashion”—that come in various colors, including white, grey, espresso, blue, pearl, or cinnamon. You also have a set allowance to choose pulls and knobs, which your decorator will help you with. In addition, our kitchen design allows for an island that can be seven or eight feet in length. You also choose island cabinets, which can fit either a seven or eight-foot-long island and come in similar colors. The seven-foot Luxor island comes standard with each floor plan, but you can upgrade your selection or choose one of the eight-foot options.

Countertops and Faucets

No kitchen design is complete without a gorgeous countertop. The countertop can be either granite or quartz and can be beveled, rolled, or flat cut. Our standard is the Tier 1 granite, made for a seven-foot island. All countertops come with a one-year sealer, so you do not need to worry about maintenance or damage during your first year in your new home! We also offer kitchen faucets in brushed nickel or chrome, or you can upgrade to Venetian bronze.

Sink and Backsplash

The last step of the J Perry Homes kitchen design journey is choosing your sink and backsplash options. Your home will come with a stainless steel sink. It can be a single bowl, 50-50 bowl, or 60-40 bowl. You can also upgrade to one of the Farmhouse options, including stainless steel or fireclay bowl with a 30-inch apron or a 50-50 bowl with a 33-inch apron. Though no backsplash is required, we can install a standard 4-inch granite backsplash. You can also upgrade to a tile backsplash if you wish!

Once you’ve chosen your kitchen amenities, all that’s left is the basic flooring and paint options, and your kitchen is designed and ready to come to life! The J Perry Homes mission is to deliver dream homes at an affordable price and provide the easiest construction experience possible. Give us a call today at (859) 523-8612 to get started on building the home you’ve always wanted.

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