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With all the new home construction services available in Lexington, there are hundreds of beautiful houses popping up. But if you want to live in a high-quality home that’s a true reflection of your style, you can narrow your search to J Perry Homes.

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Wooden staircase inside J Perry Home.
Kitchen inside J Perry Home.

We're Building Relationships

At J Perry Homes, we approach new home construction services with you at the center. Our team works with you to ensure the floor plan you choose will fit your needs, and that your home is finished with the types of details that’ll really make it your own. In addition, we want to make sure your new home is in a neighborhood you’ll love. When you buy with J Perry Homes, you are truly getting a home you and your family can enjoy for years.

Floor Plans That Match Today's Lifestyles

Every home starts with the floor plan—a scaled drawing that shows how each room flows into the next, and helps you start to envision how you’ll enjoy your home. Floor plans are an essential piece of new home construction services, but we approach them a bit differently than other builders. Rather than simply purchase another company’s floor plans, we either create ours from scratch or adapt an existing one to better suit today’s buyers’ needs.

Grey rectangular backsplash offered from J Perry Homes during their new home construction services.

Eye-catching Details Set Your Home Apart

Our approach to aesthetics also sets J Perry Homes apart from other companies offering new home construction services. We’re known for our attention to design detail, like exposed beams and floating shelves that make a home feel comfortable and modern, all at the same time.

In addition, our world-class designers have curated a collection of stunning details and amenities to enhance your home’s timeless appeal. By offering you our hand-selected options, we can:

  • Eliminate the stress that comes from having too many choices
  • Ensure your home has the finest details that won’t look dated in a few years
  • Offer you a set price that won’t change with every little thing you choose (of course, as part of creating your ideal home, you are able to upgrade certain items at an additional cost)

Our Personalized Approach

If you’ve built a new home before, or know people who have, you may get the sense that the process can be overwhelming. But at J Perry Homes, we find it all exciting—and want you to feel the same way. As part of our new home construction process, we’ll lead you through the entire project, arranging a few key meetings to ensure you’ll end up with a home you love.

First up: the exterior meeting. You’ll choose the details for the outside of your home—think front door, shutters, brick style, siding color, gutter and trim color, roofing, and garage door and style. Our designers can help you create a house that wows—from the first moment someone lays eyes on it.Once the outside of the house is carefully selected, you’ll have another meeting to select the details on the inside. You’ll get to choose flooring, paint colors, kitchen and bathroom countertops, sink bowl style, cabinet color, plumbing fixture finish, fireplace surround, and interior door style. Whether you’ve got a Pinterest board full of inspiration or you’re not really sure where to start, our experts will guide you through the decisions to ensure your home is as beautiful as it is functional.

Of course, no meeting is as exciting as seeing your new home come to life. As part of our new home construction services, we’ll invite you to walk through the home before closing. You’ll have the opportunity to see the impeccable craftsmanship, as well as how beautiful all your personally selected options look in your new home. Many of our customers tell us this is their favorite part of the entire homebuying process, and we’re proud to offer this walk-through as part of our personalized service.