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What is an energy-efficient home?

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energy-efficient home

J Perry Homes has been committed to building quality, energy-efficient homes in Lexington for 25 years. Family-owned and operated, J Perry has built over 600 homes and made lifelong relationships with customers.

One of our specialties is energy efficiency. An energy-efficient home sounds sustainable and healthy, but what does that look like?

What is energy efficiency?

Making a home energy efficient means considering every aspect of the building before breaking ground. Efficiency includes walls, appliances, insulation, lighting, and heating systems. It also stems from using sustainable suppliers and materials. How do we implement this?

Low Emissivity Windows

Another aspect of an energy-efficient home is low emissivity windows. J Perry Homes uses Low-E windows for all homes. Other construction companies may have you jumping through hoops to secure these features, but these energy-saving devices are a J Perry standard.

An issue that many homeowners face is sunlight coming through windows and causing the house to become warm. This leads the owner to turn on the AC, but then when the sun goes down and the house cools, the heater may be called to action. Low emissivity windows have a coating on them that reflects heat energy. This means that when sunlight hits your window, instead of the energy entering and heating your home, it is reflected back outside toward the sun.

It works the same for your heater: the heat will be reflected back and will not exit your home. This way, your house stays the same temperature throughout the day and into the night, so there is no need for increasing or decreasing the temperature and overworking your HVAC.

Another perk of Low-E entryways is that they protect from leaks. Some windows have gaps in a few small areas that allow hot or cold air in. J Perry Homes ensure proper installation to prevent any leaks.

Proper Insulation and Air Barriers

In addition to low-energy materials, using proper insulation can have a great effect on energy usage. This is another standard addition when you work with J Perry Homes. When things are well wrapped, residents use less energy by keeping the heating system under control. Insulation helps keep rooms warmer, therefore less heating energy is needed. This is, of course, much better for the environment and your wallet.

Another aspect of any J Perry home is mold-resistant drywall lining. All moisture-prone rooms are lined to avoid potential foundation damage. These include the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room. Additionally, J Perry Homes offers air barriers to keep the air clean and safe throughout the house, as well as protect the internal structure of the home from harmful elements.

Finally, the HERS Inspection

At J Perry Homes, we are dedicated to full transparency. We want every client to know exactly what is in their home, how much energy they will likely be using, and what it is going to cost them. To accomplish this, we use the Home Energy Rating System or HERS.

This rating will provide the owners with information regarding the energy efficiency of their home and what they can expect to spend on monthly energy costs. This way, the client is prepared and understands how their house functions.

With J Perry Homes, you’ll get an energy-efficient home at an affordable cost. Better for the planet, and better for your family. Contact us today to discuss your next energy-efficient home!