Meet our Team, Your Partner in New Home Construction

Over 30 years of experience in the Lexington, KY area

Are you considering building a new home in central Kentucky? Meet our team; you can’t do better than J Perry Homes. With nearly 30 years of experience, we are one of the most trusted new home construction companies in the area and would enjoy helping your family build a modern, quality home you’ll love for years.

Desk nook with wooden desk and wooden table
White farmhouse sink with granite countertops in new home construction completed by J Perry Homes.

Our new home construction business is built on our founder’s philosophy: Sometimes what’s behind the walls is what counts most. The integrity of a structure is often overlooked, especially when it’s masked by picturesque facades and low price points. Some builders make the decision to use lower-quality materials to save a few hundred dollars up-front—which can ultimately cost a home buyer thousands in repairs or replacements down the road. Instead of focusing solely on a quick production and curb appeal, J Perry prefers to use quality materials, to deliver a beautiful home that will withstand the years.

The Perry Family

A Solid History

This philosophy has been the cornerstone of our business, and really began when our founder, Steve Perry, initially stepped foot on a construction site at the age of 20. After several years of hands-on experience, Steve, with the help of his father, built his first home and established Perry Builders in Lexington. Now, almost three decades later, Steve operates J Perry Homes with his wife, Jennifer, and son, James.


J Perry Homes specializes in building semi-custom and production subdivisions throughout Lexington and Georgetown. Our new home construction is known as much for its striking exteriors, modern floor plans, and designer-inspired interiors as it is for its attention to quality. Meet our team, from the Perry family to the office manager to the site superintendents, everyone is committed to ensuring no shortcuts are taken in our homes. From choosing environmentally friendly construction materials to installing air barriers to protect the air quality and airflow inside the home, J Perry Homes builds the kinds of homes we would want for our own families.

Meet Our Team

Steve Perry, President

We think of every home as being a privilege to build; it’s an opportunity to help a family create a home where they’ll create lifelong memories. Our team is here to help you!

Steve Perry

Jennifer Perry, Controller

Jennifer shares Steve’s passion for excellence, and always has an eye on the bottom line. She has helped shape our company into one that can deliver excellence at a fair price.

Jennifer Perry

James Perry, Project Manager

James started in the construction business as a teen, learning the right way to build from his parents. As our project manager, he ensures all the details are tended to.

Meet our team James Perry is the project manager over new home construction.

Tori Aker, Office Manager

Tori keeps the home buying process moving, handling a lot of the behind-the-scenes paperwork and keeping the buyers informed throughout the build.

Meet our team over new home construction; Tori Aker is the office manager.

Robert Lang, Superintendent - Georgetown

Robert oversees our Georgetown builds. Like Steve, he makes sure our impeccable quality standards are upheld and walks buyers through their new home before closing.

Meet our Team; Robert Lang is the superintendent of new home construction in Georgetown, Ky.